Period: 3 months
Minimum Students: 4 or 2
Excursions included in price: 5
Town: Knysna South Africa

This package was especially designed for the student wanting to have a bit more certainty of what exactly they want to do. This plan is a step up from your basic programmes.

Minimum requirements
This package needs a minimum of 2-4 students. So if you are interested then please talk to your fellow friends and arrange that you are either 4 that can share 2 rooms, or 2 than can share one room.

Time Period
This is a 2-3 month programme. 60 to 90 days

Depending if you are 2 or 4 you will stay either in a 2 bedroom apartment centrally located in town so you can walk to everything or inside an existing guesthouse in student rooms.You will share a room and bathroom with your best friend! There is a kitchen and small lounge. Basic furniture and television will be provided. A tablet with basic email, wifi and skype can be arranged.

Work will be arranged for you in some of Knysna’s Guest Houses or Hotels. There will be early and late shifts. You will not be paid unless the owners of house feel so. In return for your work your accommodation and food will be for free. Be willing to undergo some training.

Excursions included in the price
Five (5) excursions are already included in your price. These are conducted once a week on your off day. It is hence important that your off days correspond. We will help arrange this. A driver will collect you with our minivan and drive you to each of these excursions as well as bring you back. The excursions are (in no random order!)

Our area offer many other activities and these you can arrange on your own free time!