Period: 3 months
Minimum Students: 1 to 2
Fixed excursions included in price: 0
Town: Knysna South Africa, Cape Town or Hermanus

This is our basic student program which involve a 3 month internship in a guest house in SA. You work for free and in return get basic food and accommodation. No fixed activities are included and you will have to arrange these at your own time and cost.

Minimum requirements
This package needs a minimum of 1 students. Minimum time is 2 months. Max is 3.

Time Period
This is a 2-3 month programme. 60 to 90 days. If you want to extend, you will have to pay again and take care of your own visums.

Accommodation is normally provided in the house you work in student rooms. You will sometimes share a room and bathroom. There is a kitchen and small lounge. Basic furniture and television will be provided. A pc with basic email, wifi and skype can be arranged.

Work will be arranged for you in some of Knysna’s Guest Houses or Hotels. There will be early and late shifts. You will not be paid unless the owners of house feel so. In return for your work your accommodation and food will be for free. Be willing to undergo some training. Your shifts will be like in normal working environment of 6 to 8 days off per month.

Excursions included in the price
No excursions are planned into this cost effective budget package. These you can arrange on your own time!