We organise for you:

  • The placement
  • A contact person inside the country (English speaking or German speaking)
  • Housing and food
  • Help concerning the Visa (if you want to stay longer than 3 month)
  • An internship confirmation
  • special prices for excursions and tours in the surrounding area
  • 24-emergency number
  • Comprehensive information
  • SIM-Card for your cell phone
  • Support for the rental of a motor vehicle on site
  • Contact to other interns

This you must do yourself:

  • Foreign Insurance / Travel Insurance
  • Return flight
  • Application in English with photo
  • If necessary vaccinations
  • If necessary extra meals or dinners at restaurants
  • Personal expenses for Leisure
  • Transportation if you need for example Taxi

You get all of this for just 600 Euro! Contact us and experience a unforgettable internship!

*Where appropriate we can arrange a small payment for your work.

Tips for Financing

If you have problems to finance you stay. Then we have some tips from our previous interns:

  • Child support (190 Euro)
  • Terminate Mobile phone contract or shut down (15-40 Euro)
  • Pocket money (50 Euro)
  • Terminate train tickets or other public transport which are contracted for a certain time (60-200 Euro)
  • Rent out apartment/ room (50-250 Euro)
  • No money expenses for fuel

You will be very fine with 400 Euro a month, due to the Rand being so low compared to the Euro. 1 Euro = 13 Rand. Living costs are very low as well.